I have a broad range of skills which are listed below. I am able to use both Mac and PC platforms.
I am also extremely resourceful and pro-active, a conceptual thinker, highly creative and have good literacy and numeracy skills.

Design & Illustration Software Skills

Adobe Photoshop: Masking, scanning, filters, retouching, super-imposing, understanding of file formats for import and export (psd, tiff, png, jpeg, gif, pdf). I have a working knowledge of producing images for print and screen; from dpi for print (print-ready PDFs) to dpi for web design.

Adobe Illustrator: Masking, vector illustration, logo design, surface pattern designs. I work on close-up detail to produce clean-lined images/illustrations. Creation of print-ready PDFs.

Adobe Acrobat: PDF creation

Adobe Indesign & Quark Xpress:
Multi-page documents and single-page documents for print
(print-ready PDFs). Able to work on large format for print.

Adobe Dreamweaver: Design, creation and publishing of websites (using HTML & CSS).

Adobe Flash: Basic flash movie skills, fade-in fade-out effects

Software, Interior Design & Non-digital Skills

Microsoft Office: Word, Excel and PowerPoint (having created many presentations)

Interior Design:
Knowledge of interior design elements & principles, space-planning, knowledge of design history and styles, finishes, lighting, textures and fabrics, furniture, art & accessories.

Non Digital Skills: Knowledge of; graphic design principles, fonts/typefaces, art & design history including architecture, layout skills, hand-drawn illustration, fine art, painting and sketching, 3d design, photography, proof-reading, problem solving, research, typographic design skills.





Graphic Design


Interior Design